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Eco Air Mechanical Services, LLC services and installs all types of heating equipment keeping your home and business comfortable over the cold winter months.

Converting old heating systems to new high efficiency equipment can save you up to 70% plus on your annual heating costs.

Eco Air’s affiliations with Weil McClain, Carrier & Climate Master allow them to provide some of the most energy efficient heating products on the market today.

Carrier’s Greenspeed intelligence is the highest heating efficiency ducted, air source heat pump on the market with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) efficiency rating up to 13. The Infinity heat pump delivers up to 69 percent higher heating efficiency in the three-ton size from a standard heat pump system.

Radiant heat offers customers the most comfortable heating technology available. Radiant, or in-floor, heat is widely regarded as the most even and comfortable heating system available.  Eco Air has designed and installed single room to large commercial in and under floor radiant heating applications.

Hot water based heating systems are very popular in houses in Northeastern PA.  Older homes typically use cast iron radiators which take time to heat up, but stay warm and keep the room warm for a long time.  Newer homes typically use “slant fin” style baseboard heating elements that have copper pipes with aluminum fins that heat up and cool off very quickly.  Most people who have lived with a hot water based heating system feel it is a more comfortable heat than hot air systems, although the downside is that you can’t cool your house with them. The professionals at Eco air can retro fit more efficient gas and oil boilers to services these systems.